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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit or cap on indirect costs?

No, there is no limit on indirect costs. Note that we do not require a budget for Step 1 of the application. We will provide additional information about budgeting if you are invited to apply to Step 2.  

Do innovations have to serve youth as end users?

No. Research has shown that adolescent sexual health is impacted by many individual, interpersonal and systems level factors. We invite innovations that focus on end users other than youth. Applicants should be able to describe how their innovation will advance adolescent sexual health.

Is there a specific age range of youth that Launch is focusing on?

While we do not have an official age range, we will prioritize innovations focused on improving sexual health outcomes for adolescents, who are generally considered to be ages 10-24.

Can I apply if I am based outside the U.S.?

No. Launch is only able to accept applications from entities/individuals based in the United States and territories. U.S.-based tribal entities are also eligible to apply.

Does Launch have copyright or ownership of what I develop as an Innovation Development Team? 

The Innovation Development Teams (IDTs) will own the copyright for materials that they develop. Launch will not retain copyright for IDT innovations. However, under 45 C.F.R. § 75.322(b), the Office of Population Affairs (Launch’s funder) reserves a royalty-free, nonexclusive, and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use those materials for Federal purposes, and to authorize others to do so.

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